Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Place In Between

I watched for awhile, a young man at work in the shadow of Mickiewicz Square.

He was walking a tightrope,
suspended above the grass-covered park with the opera-house fountain in the background
and I thought...How hard it is to be "in between"

In between where we have been and
where we wish to go.

A thought.
           (A step)
                 A hope.
                        (Another step)
                                     A dream.
                                           (Another step)
                                                        A hunger.
                                                               (One more step)
                                                                            A prayer.

Just one foot following sounds so simple.
Right heel in front of left toe.
Left heel in front of right toe.

But with each step,
the further we move away from home, or comfort....
That distance which separates us from anyone or anything in front of us, that may give us security,

                                S    E    E   M   S       T  O       G   R   O   W

Along with fear.
.....and questions
.....and negative self-perception
....until all of the GRACE-sufficiency that stilled our heart,
                                                                     hangs on the tightrope
                                                                                             by its fingertips.

I have watched as others who are closer to where they wish to be
Than the place they left behind, give up the journey.

Their shoulders sag,
                  eyes empty; 
                         they return to that place familiar, but faith-less.

Grant us eyes to see the destination
ears to hear your voice beyond our fears
a heart to sense the peace of your presence
the will to follow one step at a time....

But, most of all, when we feel paralyzed in that place in between
Help us to move away from the image of:
                                             who we have been

that we may make firm-footed steps,
                           toward who you believe we can become...

Friday, July 12, 2019

Twenty-five, Forty

Discomfort, dis-ease and dirt, is what I think we see, when he said, "...whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done it unto to me..."
What I'm learning is that the flow of this statement runs opposite to that initial take.  Though it does contain the challenge for me to move from my comfort zone into relationship with those who I may typically pass by, it is also an opportunity for me to connect with Christ in a way not offered in ANY OTHER fashion while here on this planet.  He is reconciling us to himself through this process...WE CAN TOUCH JESUS WHEN WE TOUCH SOMEONE ELSE.

These thoughts have been calling to me as if in a conversation between myself, another I have not yet met, and of course the one who made us the echo of a song that at least for now, has no melody...

What if...(I believed it was you)
          who held a truth I need to hear
Only you...there in the shadow
Only you...had what I needed
Even just one thing       
     that was meant for me.

That could set me free, (not just for a day)
But for all my days
and the only way,
that I may
ever know...this gift
This gift that you were holding, (in outstretched hands)    
Right in front of me was if.. (If I met you there)
There in the shadow (of the unknown)
Of the uncomfortable
Would that be enough?                 
enough wonder,  (to carry me)
Enough hope, 
to capture (my attention)
to stir my mind, (and my intention) change my heart

What if...(an open mind)
Could open my eyes
And that was enough...that I would know,
Somewhere in the deep 
That it was You...
Standing in the street
Standing in the shadow (the shadow of the tree)
It was you...
Knocking at the door
It was you...You in this time and space    
that could set me free…
              and heal this broken place (in me)
It was always you...(though I could not see)      
you held this key…(in outstretched hands)

Would that be enough?                 
enough wonder,  (to carry me)
Enough hope, 
to capture (my attention)
to stir my mind, (and my intention) change my heart

I think I believe...(oh help my unbelief)
That somehow we are all connected;              
In the pain (and in the joy)
When we are all giving (and all receiving)
From each other...(it's black and white)
I SEE YOU NOW...(I was so blind) 
You and ourselves...ONE… (the loneliest number)
But now I know...

That if...(an invitation)
To an open door..
I will walk 
And I will hold 
   all you have kept for me (and me for you)
        We can both be made whole
             both be made new,       
                   and even more   
                            than we could ever be                                  
                                       If we walked (through this life)