Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ten Thousand Places

Restless nights are sometimes rooted in unsubstantiated fears; paper tigers that need to be steeped in perfect love and released to the hope of a new day.  Other times I think that they can raise significant questions that push us toward an evaluation of who we are becoming.  That was the motivation behind the post on January 1st. 

By coincidence I heard a song this morning that echoed what I was trying to put into Help For Hurtin' Eyesight.  Josh Bales shared his thoughts in a much lovelier fashion.  :)  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Help For Hurtin’ Eyesight

Oh Jesus...I need help for hurtin’ eyesight.
Sometimes blind, sometimes seein’ with no wisdom.
Sometimes I know that it has nothing to do with my eyes,
It has more to do with the carelessness of my heart

Oh Jesus...I need help for hurtin’ eyesight.
Honesty, integrity, fidelity, wrestle within me,
Words that fight with their mirrored antonyms, shadow-boxers
Living through the wanna-be philosophical headlines of today’s news

Oh Jesus...I need help for hurtin’ eyesight.
Not just for the things that I see and understand to be right or wrong,
But also for those people, places and things that I wish I couldn’t see.
Ignorance slowly rolls into bliss if you let it...and forget it.

Oh Jesus...if you could help my hurtin’ eyesight.
What I might see...for the very first time,
like images on a paint by number canvas that finally come alive
in the beauty of the colors you created

Oh Jesus...give me help for hurtin’ eyesight.
Heal my empty heart, so the clouded, confused conversations
of my life would take on an edge of truth instead of the idleness
of ego and insincerity of wasted days spent trying to prove to all around that
...I can see just fine.