Tuesday, April 2, 2024


I have a young friend.  
Actually, I am blessed to have several young friends and family who help me
to remember what youth looks like.
Sounds like.
Feels like. 
Otherwise, I'll start talking about how far it was to walk to school,
and begin sentences with the phrase, "Back in my day..."
A few weeks ago I was in a meeting at our church.
Mostly it was all twenty-somethings.
AND lest you should be dismayed, they were talking about the challenges
of our faith in Jesus, and how it's not always...simple.
AND that sometimes the lessons that come through difficulty, hurt or pain
can be very worthwhile.
There was almost an audible and shared exhale in that truth.
People dropped their eyes to the floor and nodded their heads thoughtfully.
Then my young friend said,
"Sometimes, it's okay...letting it suck for a minute."
His eyes were watery and his voice was a bit shaky when he said those words.
I know his story, and I know that he met Christ for the first time in exactly one of those moments.
I know that Christ continues to meet him...whenever things, "suck."
I want to tie an apron string between this idea and another...
"Blessing" is a word of our faith.
I think it is largely misunderstood.  Too often it has come to mean an unexpected windfall of good things.
Money.  A new job.  A new relationship.  A new house or new car.  Anything that makes me smile or brings happiness into my life.
That isn't terrible, but I believe it's too thin.
I propose a new definition.
What if....Blessings became anything that pushes/pulls us into a deeper trust, 
a more knowing relationship with Jesus.
If that can be true, then letting life suck for a minute might be helpful.
It might push/pull me past what I feel in that instant, deepening my hope in my Savior.
AND what a blessing that would be.