Monday, March 7, 2022

A Lesson For The Day

On the heels of the pandemic, comes war. 
Just thinking on that makes me wince.
We look forward to the opening up of our connections with each other again, 
and are drawn back to our knees as families in another part of the world are separated.
...Children and their nurturers this way and soldiers the other direction.

Perhaps though, this is the lesson.

Whenever we celebrate new birth, 
we should remember that someone else will be leaving us.
Whenever we celebrate freedom, 
we should remember someone else is struggling for their release.
It doesn't mean that we should be somber in our celebration, 
only that we should value it more than we do.
It's a deeper joy in the family that we are learning to appreciate today, 
reminding us that we are not islands unto ourselves, 
but a global family, in need of supporting each other...always.