Tuesday, March 12, 2019

O' We Of Brittle Faith

If our mouths can only speak words of contempt,
                                teach us the power of silence, 
                                                                   ...O' we of brittle faith.
When our heart is wounded by actions of another,
                                please be our healing power, 
                                                                   ...O' we of brittle faith.
Should we weaken in our resolve toward your will and not our own,
                                strengthen us with your spirit, 
                                                                    ...O' we of brittle faith.
If our ignorance reveals itself in prejudice,
                                soften our resistance to repent,
                                                            ...O' we of brittle faith.
When we are so aligned with what serves us most,
                                save us from striving for our own comfort,
                                                             ...O' we of brittle faith.
Should we feed our ego, and seek a position of power,
                                humble us with a reminder of the cross,
                                                                     ...O' we of brittle faith.

Jesus, "we" is really just me, in a thousand situations that play out in my memory.  
You have seen me at my best, when I bend and move easily into the way of your spirit.  
You have also seen me rigid and dry,
                               living in my own way, like hardened clay;
                                                building defenses and supports to what I desire.
Lead me to an open-handed release of this brittle faith that I have held onto in exchange for
the living hope,
         stretching faith,
              and enlightened joy, that I can find in a heart of flesh, and not of stone.