Saturday, September 26, 2020

Unmet Longings

The one working against us, appeals to "the unmet longings" of our selfish heart.

                He does it through distortion..
Hoping that we will be captured by what we believe
                            we do not have and cannot live without.              

        As in, his own son.
            A costly grace.
               The absolute.
And if fully received...he does not draw attention to what is missing,
                        but points to all that we already have...even what we can let go of and still be free.

The one working against, will bring us "knock-offs" every day and in every way.
It will look similar, or sound "close to" the offering of The Son, but with not quite the whole of the thing. 
It will seem like enough... at first.

It will appeal to our hurt, hunger, vulnerabilities and look so much like what the Christ offered, but instead it will draw us away from Him and towards the copy.
In the smallest of ways it will do this first. 
But eventually we will be battling against things we used to agree upon, in our covenant with Him. 
We will engage in things we used to walk away from. 
We will be envious of things we used to be free from. 
And then we will be stuck in a place we never expected to arrive at.
                                                                  And we will feel so alone there.

The Son fills.
He completes.
He makes whole.
He restores.
He is joy, in spite of...
He is contentment.
Wanna see what the Father looks like? Look at his Son.
   Wanna know the way to the Father....follow him.
      Wanna know what truth sounds like...listen to him.
         Wanna know what grace looks him.

I know it sounds too simple...but to quench the hunger of our unmet longings....He is all that we need.