Thursday, February 25, 2021


I know that my eyes and ears miss too much.  
Because of that, interaction with the homeless has always been a mire for me.  I strain to hear in conversation and help in situations that overwhelm because I can't see life in its completeness.    
Lately, I have been reminded that the truth I am missing, is understood in total clarity by The Christ.  So, I am trying to live into, and trust in that belief.

(In the short confession below, of my inadequacy, I am "they" and Jesus is the one who is calling.) what they say. all they see.
Standing at the intersection...or
On an island of isolation.
Lament of desperation 
And songs of fear
Signs that shout frustration 
Voices they cannot hear
And they pass on by...pass on by
While you push on.

Your Hallmark prose 
On cardboard shows 
The weight of all the voices
Calling for attention
Intended misdirection
All the voices...
Like Munches scream
Not just a dream
Your every, every waking day what they say. all they see.
Shouting at the intersection...or
On an island of isolation.

But, if you come to the shade of the tree
If you come to the quiet 
Where there's just one voice
You can be free
Me for you, and you for me
Closer than a brother
More than a friend
Just one a whisper
"Come on home..."
"Oh, won't you...come on home!" what they say. all they see.
In the frame of humanity
They can never loose the chains
Yet those ties won't bind
If you'll find
Now drink... living water
Now eat...the bread of life
Now breathe...
...for the first time
and for all time.